Medicare Health Plan Options for Providence, RI

Medicare health plans include many options to choose from, for example, Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans. However, many people are not familiar with all the nuances of these various plans and struggle to find the right plan.

That’s why at Ellen Daniels Agency, we help you understand all of your Medicare health plan options. If you live in the Providence, RI area, one of our certified insurance agents will be happy to work with you to explain all the details.

Determining the Right Medicare Health Plan for You

Original Medicare offers basic plans Part A & Part B. This provides coverage for 80% of your hospital stays, doctor’s visits, preventative exams, outpatient visits, lab tests, and more. With the help of one of our certified insurance agents, you can add a Medicare Health Plan that will help you cover the remaining 20% of the costs for your health care needs.

Depending on your individual needs Medicare health plans can also include prescription drug coverage, dental, hearing, vision, gym membership, OTC benefits, and more.

To learn more about your Medicare Health Plan options, contact Ellen Daniels Agency for help in the Providence, RI area today! Visit our contact page today to begin the process today.